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An investment philosophy is a coherent way of thinking about markets and how they function. It is the core set of beliefs we hold that dictate how we manage portfolios. Our investment strategies are the product of our investment philosophy.

Our investment philosophy is built on the experience of our people. The investment team at Jorgen & Case LLC.  has decades of experience in all types of markets and from many different perspectives. Our people share a passion for investing and markets, a thirst for knowledge and a fierce devotion to our clients. Our investment philosophy puts this experience and passion at the service of the firm’s clients to help them achieve their goals.  Wealth preservation is necessary for wealth accumulation. Risk management is thus central to one’s investment program. The client’s unique circumstances, time horizon and tolerance for risk are primary considerations.

Markets move through valuation cycles.  Insights on valuation are derived from a thorough knowledge of history and an ongoing analysis of macroeconomic factors such as monetary and fiscal policy, fundamental valuation and market psychology.  Armed with experience and knowledge, our goal is to take prudent risks to earn a reasonable return over the entire economic cycle. Jorgen & Case LLC. offers a number of different portfolio approaches based on investment philosophy and risk tolerance.  Investment strategies can be divided into two categories: Strategic and Tactical.  While most investors adhere to one category, the founders of the Company recognize the potential benefits of both approaches and construct and manage both strategic and tactical portfolios.

1. Liabilities must influence the asset structure. Ensuring the ability to pay promised benefits by maintaining an adequate
2. Funding status is the primary measure of success for Jorgen & Case LLC.
3. Jorgen & Case LLC.  has a large and growing cash requirement and inflation sensitive liabilities; assets that generate cash and hedge inflation should be an important part of the Jorgen & Case LLC.  investment strategy.
4. Jorgen & Case LLC.  cares about both income and appreciation components of total return.
5. Concentrations of illiquid assets must be managed to ensure sufficient availability of cash to meet obligations to beneficiaries.
6. A long time investment horizon is a responsibility and an advantage. Long time horizon requires that  Jorgen & Case LLC.  MUST:

Consider the impact of its actions on future generations of members and taxpayers . Encourage investee companies and external managers to consider the long term impact of their actions. Favor investment strategies that create long term, sustainable value and recognize the critical importance of a strong and durable economy in the attainment of funding objectives. Advocate for public policies that promote fair, orderly and effectively regulated capital markets. Long time horizon enables Jorgen & Case LLC.  to Invest in illiquid assets, provide an appropriate premium is earned for illiquidity risk.
Invest in opportunistic strategies, providing liquidity when the market is short of it

Through personal consultations, your Jorgen & Case LLC. advisor identifies your Investor Profile based on six key factors: time horizon, net worth, savings rate, risk attitude, investment knowledge and money values.

Tribeca then generates an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) based on your Investor Profile. e IPS is designed to maximize returns relative to your risk tolerance.

Jorgen & Case LLC. will invest the assets in strict accordance to the IPS in a portfolio of institutional-grade asset class funds.

Jorgen & Case LLC. provides you with a comprehensive reporting package that includes portfolio performance and all transactions made for the quarter.

Continuous monitoring ensures that your portfolio remains in compliance with your IPS.
Jorgen & Case LLC periodically rebalances the portfolio back to the original guidelines.

Your circumstances may change over time, bringing new opportunities and challenges. Your Jorgen & Case LLC. advisor will communicate with you regularly to provide ongoing financial advice.